It's a Small World on Instagram.

This lovely couple visited Mauritius for the first time because of my instagram videos.

1. The Power of Instagram

Instagram is a social platform I pay a lot of attention to, simply because my art is visual, and that's what instagram is known for. I have met many amazing folks on that platform, which gives me the chills sometimes because of how small the world is with technology. Nonetheless, it's an amazing feeling and you have no choice but to sit back, reminisce, and smile. In case you are coming across my website for the first time, I am a content creator who lives in Mauritius, and I create and post a lot of photo and short video content about my experiences on instagram. Little did I know that my hobby would tickle certain interests. To sum it up, someone loved my content and visited Mauritius with his fiancee because of it. I ended up being their tour guide, and we ended up becoming very good friends. They are both amazing people! They spent just three nights here, in Manisa Hotel, Flic en Flac. Taiwo arrived in Mauritius (from Texas, USA) a day before his fiancee, Eniola, did (from Lagos, Nigeria). I had advised him to rent a car which he did, and it was worth it. Eniola's luggage was delayed, it dampened her mood, no one would like that to be honest, but she didn't let that stop her from being happy, she got some new clothes as soon as we got back to town. Throughout their stay, I showed them around port Louis, Tamarin, and Black River, which ended up with a Catamaran Boat cruise for an hour through Tamarin Bay (Black River). The company behind the yacht experience is YachtManagement, you can find them in La Balise Marina, Mauritius. I enjoyed their stay so much I shot a video for them, I hope to see them again sometime in the future.

Enjoy the video.

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