COVID-19: Its Impact On Mauritius.

The Corona Virus Disease forced this laid-back tropical island to sleep.

1. It's all fun and games

This tropical island, where the wind is gentle, the sun is subtle, and the people are cheerful, never thought a day would come when they would be forced to abandon their laid-back daily lives in a bid to survive a pandemic. I mean, zombie movies have given us a pretty decent idea of what can transpire in the event of a pandemic, but we absorbed that information wielding a bowl of salted popcorn, in theaters or in the comfort of our homes. One of the effects of a pandemic portrayed in EVERY GAD-DEM zombie movie, are empty streets! And well, we (Mauritius) check that box.

2. Poker Face

The abandoned streets was as a result of brick and mortar shops (bakeries, supermarkets, mall, etc) being instructed by the Mauritian government to shut down for two weeks, and ordered a compulsory self quarantine for civilians. Police patrolled regularly to ensure people observed the curfew. Only a select few businesses (regulated by the government) were allowed to operate and fulfill orders strictly online. There was only so much they could achieve, as they ran out of stock rather quickly, and people were left hanging, with no other sources of food or basic supplies in sight. The list of online stores is shown in the screenshot below:

3. A moment of silence

Kudos to the Mauritian government, who are doing everything they can to control the situation. In my opinion, they responded a little too late, but better late than never, right?! So far, only 161 reported cases of people infected with the Virus, out of which 7 lost their lives (may their souls rest in peace). This data is quoted from BeSafeMoris, a live app created by the Mauritian government to keep the public informed. Before the situation got chaotic (from lack of access to food and basic supplies), the government announced that supermarkets will be open from Monday to Friday, but with a twist! See screenshots below

4. The last laugh

With all that information, I did what every smart person trying to survive did, i went to the supermarket earlier than the opening time 'first come, first serve." OBVIOUSLY there was a multitude that arrived before me. I was so upset, because the line i had to join was longer than the snake that would drop you from 98 to 21 in the board game Snakes and Ladders. Nonetheless, the supervisory officials stuck to the game plan and did everything they said they would - grant access alphabetically, check for temperature, allow a small group of people at a time for only 20 minutes, etc. The lines moved quickly, which i appreciated.

5. Life goes on

I got my groceries, and as soon as I got home I stripped by my door, put the clothes i wore in my laundry bag and washed them immediately, after that i went and had a bath. Kudos to Middlesex University Mauritius for constantly updating us, I've never attended an institution that keeps its students in the loop like they do.

If you need more information about the COVID-19 worldwide, you may visit the WHO website here.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog, see you in the next one.


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