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This Is Actually A Great Burger Spot in Mauritius!

Spotlight on Blacksheeep Mauritius. Yes, it's spelt with three "e's".

1. The Discovery

How did I find Blacksheeep Mauritius in the first place? Well, let’s just give credit to the power of social media marketing - Instagram to be precise. When their sponsored post appeared on my timeline I knew I had to check the spot out, for a couple of reasons - I love burgers too much, and visiting would make for great blog content. I would have visited earlier but the global pandemic that shutdown the world, COVID-19, happened. But that's old news here in Mauritius now, the island has been declared COVID-free, so we move!

2. About Blacksheeep

What I gathered from my brief research on the internet states that it's a family owned business with two branches - one in Sodnac (Quatres Borne), and the other in Beau bassin. I couldn't find a website for more information, only a facebook page, and a TripAdvisor page with basic information - address, phone number. I needed to see what their menu looked like, so I sent them a private message on instagram. They responded early enough, with a softcopy of their menu, which looks really good by the way (attached below). It turns out that their forte is not only in Burgers, but also Pastas and Salads (the menu still isn't limited to these). They also have a kids menu, great for family lunch or dinner.

Blacksheeep Mauritius Menupdf

3. No Man Should Eat Alone

I hit up three of my friends, Sam, Nikky, and Vikky, and asked if they would like to go on a burger adventure with me, I wasn't surprised they agreed. We drove to the closest branch to us in Sodnac (Quatres Borne). It was a pleasant drive, Google map made it easy to navigate.

4. First Impressions!

The branch in Sodnac is located in a posh area, with a grand view of the mountains, and tall trees. The spot itself is a small place that camouflages with the building it’s located in, just by the road, and has a proportionate sign post that lets you know that you are in the right place.

As soon as we stepped in we were pleased with the aesthetics. The rustic vibes reassured us that we are in good hands, and that the burgers will slap harder than an African mum. Also, that we will get great photos out of this experience.

We eyeballed the menu to see what else we might fancy despite already knowing what we came for. The menu is small enough for you to make an easy decision, but large enough so you don't run out of options soon.

In order to make the best of our experience we asked the waitress what the house special is in the burger department, which she pointed out is the Blacksheeep Burger. She added that her personal favourite is the Bluesheeep Burger which is what Vikky and I settled with, costing us RS 590 in total ($15 / NGN 5,720). Sam ordered the Blacksheep Burger which cost RS 275 ($7 / NGN 2,700), and Nikky ordered Frenchkiss Burger which cost RS 315 ($8 / NGN 3,050).

For drinks, we went our separate ways completely - Sam got freshly squeezed Orange Juice, Vikky got virgin Mojito, Nikky got Hot Chocolate, and I got the Blueberry smoothie with dairy just to keep it blue. Plus I had a blue polo neck shirt on (just saying).

Blacksheeep Mauritius Menupdf

The drinks came first and we sipped them slowly because we couldn’t guarantee how quickly the burgers will arrive, but they didn’t take long.

5. The Verdict

I will break this down into two categories - presentation, and taste.

Starting with presentation, the burgers came in a flat black, reflective tray adding to the rustic vibe. The burgers were set in the centre of each tray, along with chips (fries) in a mesh tray. The sauces were drizzled on the side like a signature made with love. I was impressed. I also appreciate the fact that the table is big enough to accommodate all four trays, leaving enough room for our drinks, and phones.

For Taste, one bite got us nodding like bubble heads on the dashboard of a car going full speed over road bumps. It was that good. The buns were fresh, and the patties were juicy. The cheese used is perfect - it had this sweet and sour taste that added to the experience (check menu for the type of cheese used). If Esau could sell his birthright for pottage, imagine what he would have given up for these burgers?!

In summary, we had no regrets visiting, we had a great time for sure.

That being said, I will be visiting more burger spots and other types of restaurants as well, kindly subscribe to this blog to stay updated, and i will catch you in the next post.


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